What did Hurricane Season 2017 teach us?

In case you haven’t noticed, Hurricane season is changing. For a start it lasts longer than it used to, stretching out a couple of weeks or more at either end with ease. Secondly, big ones are really big. Ask the people in Puerto Rico who still don’t have power nearly a year later.

The wise in Florida take things seriously

If Floridians didn’t take things all that seriously before, they do now. A battery operated radio is common, the market in generators is doing well and there is another industry helping to protect homeowners insurance Naples.

2017 was a big year for named storms

There were ten named storms Irma and Maria are the ones everyone will remember. But before they came along there had been plenty of others wreaking more or less destruction on the beleaguered residents.

2018 should not be as bad

The weather experts are predicting less activity, but that does not mean a tropical storm could not hit land as a category 5. The year Hurricane Andrew hit it was one of the relatively few storms that year, but the devastation was huge.

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What insurance preparations

Insurance can cover some of the issues a Floridian will face, but not everyone.

Flooding is the obvious gap. Most homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding, landslides or mudslides all of which have a high chance of occurrence in some areas. The government stepped into the breach and will provide policies which can be checked out online.

Insurance also doesn’t cover power cuts, so if you have thousands of dollars in the freezer and it goes off, it is on your head.

There are many sites online which will help. Hurricane season hits the highest point in September. Make sure you’re ready.

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